Steps to get your first 0 to 10 customers

  • Did you know that most companies fail within the first five years? 

This is because to paraphrase the world’s foremost sales trainer Grant Cardone, they are not selling enough of their product or service in the quantities and speed necessary to grow their business

Grant, whose businesses sell hundreds of millions of dollars each year recommends what he calls Massive Action. What that means is that when all is said is done it is better to do than to plan. 

Here are proven tips to overcome “analysis paralysis”: 

  • Create a landing page 
    It doesn’t need to be perfect. 

  • Open social media pages 

  • Power network – friends, co-workers, clients, ex-clients. Always ask for referrals and introductions 

  • Hustle – make calls.
    Selling is a numbers game. You will eventually be able to work out a formula.
    For example => I need 2 appointments (or test drives or demos per day) in order to reach the sales numbers I have set as a target. That means I need to make 60 calls per day.
  • Reach out to as many qualified people as possible. 
  • Don’t undercharge. 
    What is my product worth? Multiply x 3. If you never lose a deal over price your price is too low. 


    Remember the goal is to start selling today


  • You don’t need a perfect website. Get out there – the quicker the better!  


Don’t wait until your product is ready – launch now with pre-orders. This is a concept widely known as Minimum Viable Product or MVP.  


Train yourself to take immediate and massive action.  

And most importantly, the telephone is your most important ‘magic weapon’.
Even if you are an e-commerce or SaaS business picking up the phone and calling leads is the formula that will catapult you over the top. 

If you don’t like calling you are like most people. 

Fortunately there are sales books and even online sales courses with proven results that help you with this crucial activity. 

Dominate your market!